Yunnan Zhongdanhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. The original factory is located in Kunming High-tech Development Biomedical Park in Yunnan Province. In 2013 factory was rebuilt and moved to Building A1, the First Phase of Industrial Park, Luosiwan Commodity Processing Base, Zhonghao New Book Industry City, Economic Technology Industrial Development Zone, Kunming. The registered capital of the company is 10 million RMB. Corporate legal representative and chairman of the board is Mr. Chen Zhong. He has a strong and excellent leadership.

        Our company's current plant construction area is more than 14,000 square meters, GMP standard factory building is 1200 square meters, quality inspection center is 300 square meters, and more than 40 high-precision instruments and equipment from home and abroad. Imported high-precision instruments and equipment are used on key production and quality inspection process. The current main product are Shumitong Capsule (prescription drug), ED Capsule (Dietary Supplement) and other healthy green food products. Company now have multiple production lines include: drug,dietary supplement and healthy green food production lines. These production lines are all designed and constructed according to the construction standards of medicines and healthy green foods, GMP standards and food QS purification level. All production equipments are currently the top-level automatic equipments, which is the key to company's stable supply capacity.

        Today company has a total assets of 300 million RMB: 150 million RMB fixed assets, 150 million RMB liquidity and a annual profits of 12.5 million RMB. The company has more than 100 employees, including 3 doctors and 5 masters. More than 75% of employees are professional and technical graduates and bachelor degree holders.

        Today the company has initially formed a economic complexes of research and development centers, pharmaceutical companies, trading companies, food production workshops, nature supplement production workshops for herbal medicines, dietary supplement and healthy green foods. The company plans to invest 100 million RMB in the future such as: constructing herbal planting base; opening cross-border e-commerce, acquiring other pharmaceutical companies and importing more pharmaceutical machinery and production lines in order to expand company’s product categories. Company will also build new Chinese herbal medicine extraction workshop and production workshop. It is expected that the company will add 30-50 new products to the market within three years. The company is diversifying it’s product and expanding into the national healthy pharmaceutical industry, we focusing on the production of high-quality medicines, supplement and healthy green foods. The company implements comprehensive quality management, exquisite pharmaceutical technology and strict quality assurance system, becoming the national high-tech pharmaceutical technology industrialization base.

        The company is people-oriented, based on investment health service industry, supported by a strong scientific research team, backed by advanced processing technology, and relying on excellent marketing team. Company adheres to the  customer firstbusiness philosophy, to provide our clients with highest quality services. For the health of every consumer, we are committed to being a "green company with conscience ".

        We sincerely welcome cooperation from all over the world to create a brilliant future for the health benefit of all mankind!

         Company website: touchtonetaboos.com