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Extension number: 412

All About Me:

I know what most men think of when they look at me -- big tits, tight ass and sexy bedroom eyes that can make a man's dick hard with just one look -- and I LOVE to look, *wink*.

I can't help myself, I HAVE to look below a man's belt-line before I start talking with him. The only problem is, once I see something I like, I start staring... his cock starts to grow in his pants... I lick my lips and stare some more. Next thing you know, I am down on my knees sucking and fucking that cock, throwing caution to the wind -- afterall, I am married you know ;)

Whatever your fantasy, I would love to hear about it. I just might be one of the most open-minded women you might ever speak with. Nothing shocks me... I believe I have heard it all... but, you just might surprise me. Did I mention, I like surprises! *wink*

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MILF Connie

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